The TMI: May 12, 2024

Happy Mother's Day...even if it hurts.

Being a mother is a choice and a gift, a nightmare and a blessing, a calling and a life sentence. It is the most polarizing battlefield of emotions you will ever be on. In fact it's so compelling, my first five books in contemporary women's fiction were written on the subject. 

My mom passed years ago, and I have spent at least one Mother's Day balled on a sofa in my living room waiting for the day to pass. When the pain, grief, and jealousy ran so deep from parenting my own children through what seemed like insurmountable challenges was so debilitating I could not get in the shower or even feed myself.

If you are hurting today, I see you. Mother's Day is not always brunches in your Sunday best surrounded by smiling faces. Take solace in the fact that everything is temporary and know that your rainbow is coming. You are loved. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. It is not the easiest road and it is valid to feel crushing loss, burning jealousy, and deep sadness. But also remember, it is also not your only identity. Rise today and find a glimmer of happiness and joy in whatever way speaks to you. 

And for those who love and celebrate it surrounded by loved ones. Happy Mother's Day! You deserve more than a day. 

Currently Reading: Go As A River

A fantastic character driven read about a young girl's life who is deeply affected by a chain of events that was set into motion when she was seventeen. It's a beautiful story with incredible imagery. 

Up in the Middle of Nowhere. Highlighting the Unbreakable Bond of Motherhood

Here's an exclusive excerpt from the Real Life Tree House Adventure featured in my book Up in the Middle of Nowhere. "There were several takeaways from the treehouse journey for me. I realized that although my nest will be empty soon, a mother’s heart never is. Over the course of your children’s lives, you get the chance to transform over and over in tandem with them as they shift into adulthood. If you’ve done the work, your children will return to your empty nest, begging for the chocolate chip cookies you used to bake when they were little.

I am looking forward to watching the next stage of their lives unfold. I hope I’ve modeled the courage required to persevere through tough times and go after their dreams. No matter where life takes them. Mistakes will be made, that much is expected, but life is long and endlessly forgiving when you approach it with an open heart. I vow to not give advice unless expressly asked for it, and to encourage and support whatever their heart calls them to do. Even if it means being a full-time tattoo artist. Now, I can say without fear, GO FOR IT!

I can’t wait to see them soar and someday build their own nest and hatch an egg or two. I’ve learned so much from parenting my children. It’s tested my strength and brought my weaknesses to light and forever changed me from the inside out."


Currently Enjoying: Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels

RUN, do not walk to Trader Joe's. These little balls of sweet and salty goodness are impossible to resist. 

Currently Writing: Flash of Love

PRE-ORDER FLASH OF LOVE NOW for Early Access in September 2024. Available Worldwide Wherever Good Books Are Sold on Oct 1, 2024. 

I am 1/3 through the drafting process of the final book and the words are flowing. This is the magic of writing where I have all the pieces, but I'm not totally sure how they fit together. It's also bittersweet since it is the final book in the series. 

Flash of Love 

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