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First You Then Him

First You Then Him

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A Former Train Wreck's Guide to Becoming Then Finding a Healthy Partner

You can’t attract a healthy mate if you aren’t healthy first.

Wish you had a big sister to take you by the hand and explain with brutal loving honesty why things aren’t working in your life? After two decades of making all the wrong decisions with life and men, Ninya has learned valuable lessons about both.

First You: The first half of the book will inspire your journey toward self-worth and happiness. Bite-sized lessons infused with humor and the occasional swear word, end with an important takeaway question that will have you on the path to discovering yourself in no time.

Then Him: The second half of the book is about finding him, a healthy partner to share your awesomeness with, someone who is completely compatible with the real you. Short chapters with takeaway questions will help you crush your insecurities, finally recognize what a healthy relationship looks like, and step into the partnership you deserve. This is your chance to become a kick-ass, solid, strong woman who stands on her own two feet with all the tools you need to add the perfect partner to your life. 

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Customer Reviews

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Kristie Clark
You are worthy

This book was what I needed. It shows you how to love yourself, to get right with you so you can love. It's funny, moving, and the second part of the book opens doors to acceptance, getting right with you. Love the cander and everyone can relate to this book.

Great insight

In the midst of a new relationship after a divorce this book validated lessons that I had learned and provided great insight. I enjoyed the short chapters and questions at the end of each of them.

Andrea Singer
Great Advice!

Will definitely recommend this to my single friends--really, every woman should read it! A vulnerable, interesting, and spot-on book!

Amber Rourke
Making it work important to you? Read this book to guide your way!

This book needs to be innthe hands of women and men, young and old. Reading this book was like having someone pointing out all the mistakes I have made along my path. It gives amazing insight into things that are broken inside us and reflection questions to work towards mending them. 100% recommend reading this! Wish it was around 20 or so years ago!

A rare gem

I absolutely loved Scotland with a Stranger. I thought First You then Him couldn't possibly be as good. Boy was wrong. This is a fantastic book! The way Ninya puts it all out there...everything so many of us have felt or been is so raw honest and brave. And her solutions and lessons learned are right on target. She makes me feel like her life is my life. I am sure all her readers will feel the same.