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Teal Butterfly Press

The Funologist

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When a bipolar stand-up comic wins the lottery, anything can happen. 

Freddie Angel is a middle-aged lovable disaster, living in his mother’s basement and hustling for stage time at a run-down comedy club. He’s invisible to women until Lady Luck smiles and hands him a winning lottery ticket.

Everyone has an opinion on what he should do with his sudden windfall, especially the voices in his head. If anyone knows what it’s like to be an underdog, it’s Freddie. Now he has a chance to transform his life and help other people too. But as he embarks on his unorthodox philanthropic mission, Freddie soon discovers the pitfalls of instant wealth and pseudo-celebrity.

An outrageous homage to Pay it Forward with a hint of Last Comic Standing, the Funologist is an irreverent glimpse into a brilliant mind of mania and generosity.

  • DAMN, WHAT A RIDE! A 5-star book for sure!

    Blair Bryan's cleverly written plot is at one moment euphoric, the next poignant, as Freddie's life becomes a roller coaster ride of catchy one-liners, spontaneous philanthropy, take-your-breath excitement, and psychotic depression. You're on that ride with Freddie, and thanks to the author's brilliant writing, you will want to stay buckled up until the very end.

  • Mental illness meets funny guy who deals with quirky life in a terrific way.

    The Funologist takes a heart wrenching person struggling to live and makes him a funny, interesting character who learns lessons about how to love others and himself.
    One of the best books I’ve read in quite awhile.