The TMI: April 28, 2024

And then there were 5...

Blair Bryna Best Sellign Womens Fantasy Fiction Author

I can't believe its been two years since I wrote the first words of the Midlife in Aura Cove Series. My goal was clear: craft a multi-generational narrative featuring powerful female characters over 50. At that time, I was grappling with personal challenges, feeling let down by karma, and it became a vehicle for me to right some wrongs.

Kandied Karma is the heart of the series where three generations of powerful witches must learn to work together to bring the evil men to their knees. It's a heartwarming, laugh out loud ROMP! 

Escape into a supernatural small-town world filled with hilarious karmic revenge and powerful women over 50. 

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Currently Reading: Hidden Pictures

This is a believable thriller that kept me engaged. There are so many outrageous ones on the market that are so far fetched, but not this one. Great storytelling.

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

One book that truly holds my heart, yet hasn't garnered the audience it deserves, is "Up in the Middle of Nowhere." It marked my final venture into contemporary women's fiction before shifting towards paranormal women's fiction. Crafting tales centered around relationships, particularly the intricate dynamics between mothers and children, is my forte—it's where my writing truly shines. I'm confident you'll be captivated by Tessa and Nova's poignant journey back to each other. ORDER HERE.

Currently Writing: Flash of Love

PRE-ORDER FLASH OF LOVE NOW for Early Access in September 2024. Available Worldwide Wherever Good Books Are Sold on Oct 1, 2024. This is it! The final book in the Midlife in Aura Cove series, my first proper series in Paranormal Women's Fiction and after slaving away for four years trying to figure out where I belong, I have found my home. 

I have two different magical spin-offs that I am considering and we are delving into audiobook creation. 2024 is going to be a whirlwind!

Flash of Love 

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