The TMI: October 1, 2023

It's Worldwide Release Day for Flash Mob.

{NEW Excerpt from Flash Mob}  Frankie drove down the freshly swept streets of Aura Cove to the bustling downtown area where glassed storefronts housed a myriad of luxurious boutiques. It reminded her of the time she’d shopped downtown with Katie. The posh shops catered to a higher caliber of customers, and Frankie stuck out like a sore thumb dressed in her thrift store garb. That day, they’d stood on the sidewalk outside staring up at the gold-leafed hand-carved sign that read “From the Vine.”

“Ooo! Wine! Big fan!” Frankie reached out a hand to pull open the door with a grin.

Katie winced as she delivered the bad news. “Actually, it’s a vinegar emporium.”

In disbelief, Frankie entered the boutique. Seeing the walls ringed with golden vats of vinegar, she asked, “Who needs all these flavors?” She walked down the row, reading aloud a few of the handwritten signs. “Truffle… Madagascar vanilla… raspberry.” Next to each golden dispenser was a stack of tiny plastic cups to sample the vinegar before making a selection.

“Are we supposed to drink it?” Frankie wrinkled up her nose, finding the suggestion revolting. “You know I’m always a fan of doing shots, but yuck. Rich people are weird.”

Katie laughed. “You’re just supposed to take a little sip to get the essence of the flavor.”

“I’m good,” Frankie said, holding one hand up.

“Quit being a baby and help me pick a couple,” Katie told her. “Just dip your pinky in it.”

“So I know if it’s a good marinade for human flesh?” Frankie joked. “When did you become a cannibal?”

Katie laughed. “You’re ridiculous.”

The clerk came over and, much to Frankie’s chagrin, rattled off a thirty-minute presentation about the types and qualities of fine vinegar and its historic rise as the world’s premiere condiment. It was the kind of yawn-worthy yarn Frankie couldn’t stand. She entertained herself by asking bold, snarky questions, taking little sips of the acidic liquid with her pinky finger extended, and making inappropriate moans of false pleasure. When he turned his back, she bobbed her head to mock him, pretending to be taking tea with the Queen.

To help him save face, Katie offered the man a huge winning grin and said, “We’re in a bit of a hurry. Can you get us a bottle of the pomegranate garlic and the passion fruit balsamic to go?”

When they walked out of the store and out of earshot of the clerk, Frankie groaned. “Sweet Jesus! That little TED Talk on the finer points of artisanal vinegar just shaved three years off my life that I can never get back.”

Katie laughed. “You’re such a drama queen! He was a nice guy who found something he was passionate about. Isn’t that the holy grail? We’re all just trying to find something that starts a fire in our soul.”

Frankie snorted. “The fire in my soul is stoked by a chiseled jaw or a pair of muscular hands. Sorry, babe, but vinegar just ain’t gonna cut it.”

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Midlife in Aura Cove by Blair Bryan

Currently Watching: You. Season 2.

It looks like they are bringing back Love Quinn, so I had to rewatch the season where they first met. It's an absorbing train wreck that I can't turn my eyes away from, and since my memory is shot, parts of it I've completely forgotten and get to experience again like it was the first time. (Silver lining of approaching 50!) 

Currently Reading: Becoming Crone

A delightful escape featuring a main character that just turned 60 who discovers she has magical powers beyond her wildest imagination. Featuring a wolf shifter and a female gargoyle named Kevan, it's a great read if you enjoy paranormal women's fiction. 

Becoming by Lydia M Hawke

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I'm 2/3 of the way through the first draft now! In book four, a female graduate of West Point and crusader for injured veterans is Katie's next assignment from Karma. This rebalance hits especially close to her heart. Pre-order from this website and get it in your hands 30 days before Amazon! 
Flash Point Midlife in Aura Cove by Blair Bryan

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