The TMI November 19, 2023

How long does it take me to write a single book? 1300+ hours.

I know. It's shocking, right? Readers have been asking about my process and I decided to add up the time I invest in writing. It's overwhelming to see the number in black and white. When I started down the road on this dream, I had one goal. To write a book that would hold it's own against any traditionally published book. I didn't know what it would entail, but after 4 years I do. 

Every book I publish has been through a multi-draft process. The magic in Aura Cove requires deep thought and massive revisions when my alpha readers point out plot holes or inconsistencies. It is a daunting task. 

My boyfriend recently asked me: "Why do you have to create all these integrated threads in a story? Why can't you simplify the story and publish your first or second draft? You don't have to rewrite significant chunks of a story to make it plausible or historically accurate. It's fiction."

Because it's weak sauce. Because I have one chance to engage a reader and tell them a story that will stick. This sometimes requires four major drafts. 

Is it worth it? Financially? Absolutely not. I think children in third world countries working in sweat shops are making more per hour when you add in the cost of covers, professional editing, ad spend, and marketing expenses. The entities making the most from my exhaustive efforts are Amazon followed closely by Meta. 

Will I continue? Probably in some capacity. I have two more books to write in the Aura Cove series to give it the ending it deserves, and then I will take a few months off. During that time I will evaluate whether this is something I want to continue or if it's time to hang it up. It's simple. This is a business. It has to make a return on investment or it's time to scale back into hobby mode. Slow the entire machine down, and release maybe one book a year. 

We'll see what the universe decides. The magic will appear, or it won't and for the first time in my life, I am okay with whatever happens. I know, without a doubt, I worked my ass off to produce the best books I could write and if it wasn't enough then I am at peace with it. 

Midlife in Aura Cove Series by Blair Bryan

Currently Reading: Wrong Place Wrong Time

A mother witnesses her only child commit a violent act and then she is sent back in time to unravel the reason why. Any mother will deeply identify with the range of feelings this mother feels as she goes back in time evaluating her parenting with hindsight---the joy, the guilt, the shame. It's a wonderful story with many little twists that come together in a very satisfying way. Great Read!

Wrong Place Wrong Time: by Gillian McCallister book review by Blair Bryan women's fiction author

Currently Writing: Flash Point: Midlife in Aura Cove Book 4

The final week of revisions is here. In seven days it is locked and loaded for my editor. Rox is a character facing insurmountable odds that you will root for!  
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Flash Point Midlife in Aura Cove by Blair Bryan

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