The TMI June 11, 2023

My First LIVE Television Appearance

This week was a great week of new learning experiences. I was invited to share Hawt Flash: Midlife in Aura Cove on the lifestyle television program called Hello Iowa. Check out the interview here.
Hawt Flash Blair Bryan Hello Iowa WHO13 News Apprearance

Not sure it’s for you? Read Chapter 1:


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Currently Reading: The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

This book took me right back to my days in private Catholic school in the best way. I vividly remember many of the events he describes. Sam Hill is the main character and is born with a genetic abnormality that singles him out for bullying. He makes friends with two other misfits and the book chronicles their incredible lives together. Great read and its free on Prime Reading right now.

The extraordinary life of Sam Hell by Robert Dugoni book review by best selling womens fiction author Blair Bryan

Watch the Video of the Adventure that Inspired my Upcoming Book "Up in the Middle of Nowhere." 

This poignant and heartwarming tale of a mother’s unconditional love and a child’s fight for independence will remind you that life’s greatest adventures are often found in the most unexpected places. READ CHAPTER ONE.

Treehouses with a teenager travel memoir by Ninya featuring the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee


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Currently Writing: Midlife in Aura Cove Book 3! 

Book 3 is flowing and I am about 1/3 of the way done with my first draft. Readers are falling in love with Katie, Yuli and Zoya, three generations of supernatural females. It's a hilarious midlife escape. 

I am also working on a sequel to The Sweetest Day: DeLuca Family Bakery series. (No release date yet.) 

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