The TMI April 23, 2023

Early Readers are Devouring My Latest Novel. Pre-Orders on Amazon are at a record high! 

This book Is flying off the shelves and my pre-orders on Amazon have hit a record high. I'm on my third printing for autographed paperbacks sold through my store. Why? Because this book is the funniest, sweetest, most page turning read I've ever written. It hasn't even gone live on retailers yet. I am thrilled!

Read Chapter One Here.

Hawt Flash by best selling paranormal womens fiction author blair bryan


PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON, BN, KOBO, APPLE BOOKS and Other International Retailers.  June 1, 2023 Delivery.

Check out this video clip that inspired "Up in the Middle of Nowhere."

The characters of Tessa and Nova differ vastly from J and me, and are true figments of my imagination. The treehouses, however, were very much real. Here's a clip from the real-life adventure that inspired my upcoming novel. It sets the mood of the book. PRE-ORDER Your Copy For EARLY DELIVERY here.

Read Chapter One Here.

Currently Watching: The Good Doctor

I have a deep loved in my heart for people with autism and their caregivers. I'm even mulling around writing a book about the topic as I find their blatant honesty and directness refreshing. This isn't the best representation, has some far fetched moments, but still very entertaining.

Currently Reading: The final version of Up in the Middle of Nowhere.

This week was consumed by the final read of Up in the Middle of Nowhere after the notes and corrections from my editor. I just downloaded Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng and hope to share it with you next week. 

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