5 Reasons Authors Should Sell Direct with Shopify

Higher Profit Margins

When authors sell their books directly on Shopify, they have more control over pricing and can earn higher profit margins compared to selling through traditional retailers who take a significant percentage of the sale. This gives the power back to the author and increases their income drastically. 

Direct Relationship with Readers

By selling directly to readers on Shopify, authors can establish a direct relationship with their audience. This allows authors to gather valuable feedback, offer exclusive promotions, and build a loyal following. It also gives authors the power to bring special editions to readers as well as autographed editions and other products. 

More Control over Distribution and Shut Down

Selling on Shopify gives authors complete control over the distribution of their books. They can choose to sell physical copies or digital versions, and can easily manage inventory and shipping. More and more often I am hearing retailers and booksellers are shutting down an author's account without warning and for no reason. By selling direct on Shopify, authors remove this very real threat to their income. 

Flexibility and Customization

Shopify offers a high degree of flexibility and customization. Authors can choose from a range of templates and designs to create a storefront that matches their brand, and can easily integrate with other tools and services to enhance the customer experience. 

Data Insights

Shopify provides authors with detailed data insights about their customers and sales. This can help authors make more informed decisions about marketing, pricing, and series development, and can lead to improved sales and revenue. It gives the author the power to curate customer lists and to engage in meaningful retargeting strategies. 

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