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Shopify Basic Store Creation

Shopify Basic Store Creation

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I've been customizing Shopify stores for over ten years. This is a complete turn-key system to sell your books and merchandise direct. I have been a graphic artist and photographer for over twenty years and I work with a technical partner who is a wizard at troubleshooting and integration with Google Analytics and G-Suite. 

Most people new to the Shopify platform will spend 50 hours minimum setting up 20 products in the store, testing and configuring it. Then an additional 20 for the graphics, keyword research, and SEO configuration. 

  • Purchase or Transfer Your Domain on your Behalf and ensure it points to your store. (DNS expertise) 
  • Install and Customize the Dawn Theme (Free Shopify Store Template that is Fast and Updated Often)
  • Create stunning 3D Graphics of your Books for Your Product pages.
  • Create an eye catching Home Page 
  • Create an impressive About the Author Page
  • Customize Colors to Fit Your Logo and Brand
  • Create Up to 20 Products with Variants for You (Each Book Can Have Multiple Variants i.e. E-Book, Audio, Paperback, Hardcover) 
  • Install Apps to potentially increase purchases such as ‘Frequently Bought Together’ and ‘’ for Reviews 
  • Create or Integrate G4 (Newest version of Google Analytics) for You to Measure site Visitors
  • Use best SEO practices for Keywords in Your Genre
  • Research other Keyword Options in Your Genre
  • Create a Blog and Add Your First Post
  • Set Up A Gift Card Product for Your Store
  • Create Discount codes 
  • Create US Media Mail Shipping Profiles using Pirate Ship 
  • Create Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy and Return Policies

Additional products are billed at $25/Title multiple variants included. Paperbacks must be direct shipped from the author, integration with book vault or other POD is an additional fee. 

Translations are not included. Store will only be created in English and International Stores will ship to UK, Australia, Canada only. Other countries available for an additional fee. 

For most businesses we recommend that you sell direct in the US only. VAT and taxes in foreign countries are often not worth the time required to file and collect vs. the sales made. Let other international distributors deal with those.


What You Need:

  • Domain either new or existing
  • E-book Delivery Service (Bookfunnel)
  • Shipping Plan  (Pirate Ship)
  • A Separate Bank Account

Shopify Apps I Recommend:

  • Judge Me (FREE)
  • Frequently Bought Together (FREE for a Limited Time.)
  • Pirate Ship- Shipping Media Mail 

Want a turnkey custom shop solution? Learn More Here.

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