The TMI September 5, 2021

What I googled this week while working on my next book:

  1. Google Anal  (I meant to type in Analytics, but my pinkie hit return and let me just say the results were cringeworthy.) I washed my eyes out with soap. 
  2. What happened to Jerry Summers. (I'm a curious person. Can't help it.)

Currently watching: 

Dr. Death True Crime always intrigues me. I got sucked into the 8 part mini series that starred Joshua Jackson and Christian Slater. (I'm a 90's girl and we love those guys!) Then we watched the four part documentary. What an unbelievable story! A neurosurgeon kills and/or maims 33 people out of 38 including his best friend in Texas. You seriously can't make this stuff up. I was shocked and outraged and glued to the screen. It's a crazy story. 

Currently reading:

The Last Flight. Just finished. Highly recommend, if you love a good thriller, this one was WELL WRITTEN and the characters were awesome.  Check out the Books Worth Reading Blog for My Favorite Reads.

In a difficult turn of events, my original choice for narrator wasn't comfortable with a couple of the chapters in Scotland with a Stranger. (Chapters 15, 16 and 32. If you've read it, you know.) So I have decided to move forward with building a small recording studio in a closet in our new house and will be recording it in my own voice. This comes with a steep learning curve. 

I have to thank a couple of my Ninyons (Jenni and Michelle) for giving me the push I needed to tackle this project. There are a couple reasons I have decided to do this. 

  1. It's a very personal memoir. Most books in this genre are recorded in the author's voice. 
  2. The material (at times) is polarizing and I thought I might run into this issue over and over, especially with the recent developments in Texas. 
  3. I wanted to record my other non-fiction titles. First You Then Him needs to be in the hands of more women.
  4. I have big plans to write more travel books. So it really is an investment in my future. 

In the meantime, I have decided to move forward with Lindsey on another project and just signed the contract. Back to Before will be available in audio hopefully by Black Friday with the sequel called Better than Before releasing on January 1. Super excited to work with her, I loved her voice and can't wait to see what she brings to Holly's story.

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XOXO Ninya

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