The TMI October 2, 2022

The Gothic Book Shipping Elf is a senior this year and graduating early. Last night was their final dance of their high school career. They looked smashing in a vintage wedding dress, platform vinyl boots, and a cameo necklace. Now I'm off to complete the FAFSA so they can move on to pursue their dream at beauty school. 

Currently Watching:

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix. I remember this story breaking when I was in high school and we were all horrified at the prospect of it. Targeting LGBTQ+ minorities and highlighting the epic failures of the police department to protect them, I found myself outraged and shocked at the miscarriages of justice. They play an actual 911 phone call from Glenda, Jeffrey's neighbor played by Neicy Nash, reporting an underaged victim that is chilling. I couldn't binge this series. It was a dark and painful tale.

Currently Reading:

The Perfect Child. This book is a captivating thriller about a couple with fertility issues who become foster parents to an abused child. Written by a clinical researcher in childhood trauma, it's a startling look into the dynamic of abuse.  (Affiliate link alert. If you buy from this link, I earn a few pennies for this recommendation and you get a great book.)

The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry Book Review

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Currently Writing:

Hawt Flashes. Coming 2023. Here's a Sneak Peek. 

"Katie mumbled under her breath as she sheared perfect squares through the unforgiving wool suit fabric. Her special fabric only scissors slashed through the stiff cloth like butter. Each clip making a crisp slicing sound as the blades of this meticulously maintained and sharpened tool scissored together. It was the pair she hoarded and hid from her kids when they were little, the only scissors sharp enough to stand up to the task of shredding her husband’s ridiculously expensive suits. The pile of wool grew as a smug giddiness crept inside her, filling the crevices between her anger. Watching them transform from precious cargo sheathed in paper thin dry cleaner’s plastic into a massive pile of gray fluff and fuzz was deeply pleasurable.

“More satisfying than any time we’ve spent between the sheets in the last few years.” She said it aloud and punctuated it with a snort. “God, I’m so damn funny today.” Katie had taken to talking to herself and the dog when her last child left the nest. The sprawling showplace home they lived in was so cold and quiet without the kids. It was a habit she acquired to fill the cavernous spaces in her home and in her heart. 

It took a solid hour to cut the first suit into gratifying squares. There was an extra perverse thrill knowing it was his favorite suit, the gray wool one she helped him pick out when he got a job interview at the new firm." 

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