The TMI October 17, 2021

5 Days. The writing has taken a backseat in preparation for the last move of my life.

It's been a minute since I've had a home, a real home. My divorce was final in early 2016. Since then, a couple wrong turns down the path of life sent me on a downward spiral and it took a toll. My daughter and I moved seven times in five years.

You read that right. It was exhausting. 

In five more days we will move into our forever home and it's the kind of full-circle moment my little sappy heart can't resist. 

There are boxes everywhere and we are getting a taste of how hoarders live. One little pathway winds through the townhouse. It's a fun place where you get to spend an hour looking for your keys because they are camouflaged amongst the piles of your mean precious treasures.

I've been painting and refinishing various belongings. We were gifted a pair of lamps from P's sister with a golden hue. Our house has more silver than gold, so I changed the color through the power of Rub n Buff. You literally just smear it on and rub it until it shines. It's magic. 

The dining room table killed me. I learned first hand that Douglas Fir is the George Hamilton of the wood kingdom. The only solution to kill the orange was to hit it with a solid stain. I don't love it and can't guarantee it will stay this color, but it's good enough for now. After we've lived with it in the space, and life has settled down, I'll re-evaluate. 

Here's hoping the weather holds, and all the last minute projects come together. To say I am excited is the under statement of the century. 

    Currently watching: 

    The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan on Netflix. This documentary is riveting. Just when you think it can't get any crazier, it DOES!

    Currently reading:

    Less by Andrew Sean Greer. Still working on this one, it's not a massive barn burning page turner, but I find there are certain phrases that just strike me and that is the kind of writing I love. The kind that sticks with you. Check out the Books Worth Reading Blog for My Favorite Reads. 

    Currently Writing:

    Better Than Before is in the final second draft stages. I am working at it, day by day, chipping at it to turn it in the happy ending Holly Simon deserves. 

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