The TMI November 14, 2021

Enjoy the View from our New House! 

This is the first weekend we have not killed ourselves to get projects completed. Since the move, we've unpacked a solid 80% of our stuff, made a Kansas City run to IKEA, assembled said IKEA items. Attempted the master closet build out (which isn't perfect, but we still love it) and cleaned the unfinished basement so it can become a usable space until we have the budget to do it up right. It's been a lot of hard work, trips to cardboard recycling centers and muscle relaxers, but we love our home. I haven't had a real home in a long time and feel so lucky that we get to live here. I still have to pinch myself sometimes. 

This is the view from our deck last week when the sky was painted at dawn. Looking forward to next summer when we can enjoy the outside of our home more. 

I'm dipping my toe into the world of hydroponics. Plant lover/nerd over here and when I accepted my new full time job I got myself a little gift. LeChuza planters and Pon.  It was a massive splurge, the planters are almost three foot long and they were teal. How could I say no to that?

Spoiler alert. I didn't. I ordered three, maybe overkill, but I had to hit that free shipping threshold, right? Who's with me???

I adore lime green and teal together. So I ordered lemon lime philodendrons from a small family business who specializes in mail order plants. I will share the company I ordered from next week. If you're planty, you will want to check them out. Small business needs us to survive! 

The planters aren't just a pretty face, they feature super slick German engineering. Once established, you can water once and leave them for up to three weeks, which when we start to travel again, will be a feature that pays off. Instead of planting in soil, I am using Pon, a rocky substrate that you can apparently grow anything in, we will see if that holds true. So far I love them and have said goodbye to pesky fungus gnats that either land in your coffee or are inhaled up your nose. Plus the substrate makes it impossible to overwater, which is the biggest culprit when you are a plant serial killer. They are so pretty. I die. 

LeChuza Planters with Pon

Currently watching: 

Seinfeld on Netflix. This was a weekly staple in my Thursday night, fresh-out-of-college-and-working-my-first-job lineup. I am re-watching and enjoying it all over again. The show about nothing. It still holds up after all these years. Jerry's stand-up bits are smart and approachable, not the rude and crude comedy we are used to in this day and age. 

Currently reading:

Every Last Secret by A. R. Torre. This is a good one. The narrative bounces between two main characters. Cat is the wife of a billionaire who is living in the lap of luxury, Neena is a conniving backstabber who has her eyes set on living Cat's life. She systematically infiltrates their lives by buying the house next door and then diabolically hatches a plan to catapult her into the good life. I'm not finished, but it is definitely worth a read. And it's by a fellow indee author, which is uber cool and who I love to support! Check out the Books Worth Reading Blog for My Favorite Reads. 

Currently Writing:

Better than Before is FINALLY ready to send to my alphas. Thank God because that one about killed me. Timing was not my friend. I love the book, it is the happy ending Holly deserved, but sweet baby Jesus, it took a lot of focus to finish. 

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