The TMI Nov 21, 2021

Small Business has my heart. 

Being a serial entrepreneur myself, I love to support small family run businesses whenever possible. When you buy from a small business you are often buying groceries and dance lessons instead of padding a corporate fat cat's Bugati obsession. 

I was in the search for a lemon lime philodendron and couldn't get it locally this late in the year and a quick google search sent me to Gabriella Plants. I never bought house plants from a website before and didn't know what to expect. Great prices and amazing selection, I quickly placed an order. When my plants arrived from Florida with a warmer pack inside to make the frigid trip to Iowa, I was in shock at how lush and beautiful they were. I'd expected smaller plants or barely alive twigs flopping around in a box of loose dirt. That was not the case. Thoughtfully packaged, with cotton and rubber bands holding in the dirt and wrapped in a cone made of styrofoam, they made the journey fully intact and thriving.  

LeChuza Planters with Pon

Buried inside the box was a postcard, "Every Plant has a Story." The story brand marketer in me is in love. They are doing things right. Go check them out if you need something green to give you some hope this winter. 

Currently watching: 

Tiger King 2 on Netflix. Yeah I said it. I couldn't stay away. Humans fascinate me, and you cannot find more compelling characters than you can in Tiger King. The heat is on Carole f'ing Baskin this time and it raised a lot of interesting questions. 

Currently reading:

The Evil Within by Darren Galsworthy. True crime. a sixteen year old girl is murdered by her step brother in England. Told from the father's perspective, it's a gripping tale of betrayal and the love of a parent. Check out the Books Worth Reading Blog for My Favorite Reads. 

Currently Writing:

Final read through and editing pass of Better Than Before this week before it goes to my amazing editor. After it reaches her capable hands, I can't change anything but the occasional word. 

If you're wondering about my process, there is the first draft, the second draft, which is the most rigorous since I am taking the skeleton I flushed out in the first draft and giving it shape. Then it goes to my alphas for a read and they give me feedback about what needs more detail and what doesn't work. Finally I do my last pass before sending it to the editor. After editing, it gets two more reads. Most indees don't take the time to do all this and are on to writing the next book already, but I find if you rush the process, it shows and I want to put out the best possible product. 

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XOXO Ninya

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