The TMI June 5, 2022

BIG things are happening!

Next Friday I am stepping away from my life and into the mountains with my teenager for some spiritual restoration. I won't be available by email or on social media for ten days as I attempt a full reboot and reset. My last attempt at this was chronicled in my memoir, "Scotland with a Stranger."   It won't be the same kind of trip, but I hope it produces similar results and deeper connections with my J.

The Kickstarter for "When Wren Came Out" is now 65% funded in just four days.  I am so deeply grateful for the angels and allies who have joined me in the mission to bring this book to a bigger audience. You can help here:

Kickstarter is an ALL or NOTHING platform. Even backing for $1 helps bring this book to a bigger audience. 

This week I got to experience hate against the LGBTQ+ community first hand. That was fun. As a straight woman I have been insulated from it until now, talk about walking a mile in someone's shoes! Putting myself out there in the world as an ally, author of this book, and mother of a queer teenager nearing adulthood has made me a target. I say BRING IT ON! I will not back down in fear. I will rise in LOVE. 

I also connected with some exceptional human beings this week on similar missions. Joe Barb, from LGBTQ+ Family Connections Center. 

Did you know LGBTQ Young Adults Experience Homelessness at More than Twice the Rate of Peers? 

Joe and his team provide LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit youth and adults access to food, medical services, mental health services, housing stability, career counseling, and much more. 

Learn more about Joe's mission here:

And Steve Petersen of "Bursting Through" interviewed me for an article in his next issue. That conversation taught me so much. You will want to read his article entitled, "I Love You Anyway."  words I've personally said not understanding how dismissive and painful they were to hear by my queer friends and family. 

Bursting Through is a member supported, grassroots storytelling movement building the worlds largest library of stories celebrating the Queer/Straight relationship. 

To support Steve's mission and tell your story go to

Currently Watching:

Workin' Moms. God I love that cast and Val cracks me up so much. It's 100% real. I LOVE IT. Binge all 6 seasons. It makes me laugh out loud. 

Currently Reading:

"Write My Name Across the Sky" by Barbara O'Neal. She is SO good. I just started this one, but got sucked into the story immediately. 

Check out the Books Worth Reading Blog for My Favorite Reads. 

Currently Writing:

Parts of my next travel memoir. (More details coming in the Fall.) And the first book in a new Women's Fiction series that is unnamed right now. 

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XOXO Ninya

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