The TMI June 25, 2023

Midlife Awareness Podcast Interview.  

We chatted about the crazy "Eat, Pray, Love" inspired trip I took to Scotland that went hilariously wrong, yet amazingly right. There are some spoilers, so if you haven't read the book yet, grab it here, then watch. Dennis, the host compared me to Stu on the Hangover which oddly fits! 

Currently Watching: Jelly Roll: Save Me. 

Jelly Roll: Save Me Documentary on Hulu

This Hulu documentary that follows Jelly Roll, the recording artist, is the kind of underdog story with an against-all-odds redemption arc that makes my heart thrum. He is one of the most genuine souls on the planet.

Exclusive Video that Inspired My New Book, "Up in the Middle of Nowhere." 

Last summer I went on a treehouse tour with my youngest and it inspired my new book, "Up in the Middle of Nowhere." We'd been butting heads and I was panicked when I realized so little time was left to make good memories before J left for college. Here's a peek at the trip that inspired the book. READ CHAPTER ONE HERE.


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Currently Writing: Lunar Flash: Midlife in Aura Cove Book 3 and This Sweet Life

I am about 60% finished with the rough draft of Lunar Flash: Midlife in Aura Cove Book 3. A once in a lifetime lunar event is going to change everything for Katie, Yuli, and Zoya. Coming End of 2023!!

I am also working on a sequel to The Sweetest Day: DeLuca Family Bakery series. Coming 2024. I will be working with the same cover designer for the four book series that created the "Up in the Middle of Nowhere" cover and couldn't be more thrilled. 

Are you an Empty Nester or Soon to be One? 

"Up in the Middle of Nowhere" is the perfect summer read. It's a story of reconnection and the tug of war in a mother's heart when after almost two decades of daily care, you now need to let go. If you are an empty nester or on the cusp of it, this novel will be especially poignant.

Order your autographed copy or Order from my Favorite Retailer, Barnes & Noble.

Or if $$ is tight, (I've been there and I totally get it!) request it at your local library. Most libraries have a fund established for patron requests and many have an online form that you can fill out that makes it easy peasy! They order a copy you get to read for free, and then make it publicly available so many can have access to it!

Up in the middle of nowhere best selling womens fiction 2023 by blair bryan

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