The TMI June 18, 2023

Happy Father's Day!

Fathers hold a special place in our hearts, shaping us into the individuals we are today. I cannot express enough gratitude for the immense impact my own dad has had on my life. His guidance, love, and unwavering support have been invaluable, and I am forever grateful for the lessons he's taught me.

But today, I also want to take a moment to celebrate the unsung heroes - the stepdads who have chosen to love and care for children who aren't their own by blood. These remarkable individuals demonstrate a level of selflessness that truly beautiful to witness.

Blair Bryan best selling author

Confessions of a Plant Nerd

Nerd Alert! My little sister came for a visit last weekend and we hit the plant stores in Des Moines. She gifted me a variegated Hindu rope hoya which I have been lusting over for a year. One of my favorite hobbies is gardening, whether piddling around with my indoor plants or digging in the dirt outside, there is something so satisfying about watching a plant grow and nurturing it to thrive. 

Blair Bryan contemporary women's fiction author

Women Winning at Writing Podcast Appearance

I sat down with Chelsia McCoy to talk about writing memoir and the lessons I've learned as a genre hopper. Check out the interview on the Women Winning at Writing Podcast Show on Apple and Spotify. 

Women Winning at Writing Podcast with Chelsia McCoy

Currently Reading: Lessons in Chemistry

The characters in this one (including a wonder dog) are stellar and the journey is incredible. This book has been on the NYT Bestsellers list for over 40 weeks and it is completely justified. If you love brilliant female characters bucking societal norms, you won't want to miss this!

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus Books to read recommended by womens fiction author Blair Bryan

"Up in the Middle of Nowhere." Now Available for Early Release.

The empty nest. I thought I was ready for it, but when my youngest left two weeks ago to work at the Easter Seals Camp for the summer, I bawled like a baby. This stage of life is BRAND NEW and comes with so many emotions, it inspired my new book, "Up in the Middle of Nowhere."  READ CHAPTER ONE.

Up in the Middle of Nowhere by Best Selling Contemporary Women's Fiction Author Blair Bryan


PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON, BN, KOBO, APPLE BOOKS and Other International Retailers.  August 1, 2023 Delivery.

Currently Writing: Lunar Flash: Midlife in Aura Cove Book 3 and This Sweet Life

I am about 50% finished with the rough draft of Lunar Flash: Midlife in Aura Cove Book 3. A once in a lifetime lunar event is going to change everything for Katie, Yuli, and Zoya. Coming Early 2024!

I am also working on a sequel to The Sweetest Day: DeLuca Family Bakery series. Coming 2024. I will be working with the same cover designer for the four book series that created the "Up in the Middle of Nowhere" cover and couldn't be more thrilled. 

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