The TMI July 9, 2023

Early Readers are Falling in Love with "Up in the Middle of Nowhere"

An adventure you'll love to go on with Tessa & Nova!

"With my own empty nest on the horizon, I could totally relate to the loving tension between Tessa and Nova as they worked on understanding each other as more than just parent-child. At the heart of this engaging read about parenting is the line that resonated most with me: "I want you to go out there and chase your dream, wherever it leads, and if you stumble and need a place to catch your breath, you always have me." Bryan's writing of this mother-daughter adventure was one I totally enjoyed being part of and hated seeing come to an end."

up in the middle of nowhere by best selling contemporary women's fiction author Blair Bryan

Currently Watching: Black Mirror Season 6

This one is a mind bending terrifying journey. Each episode is a complete story in itself. They leveled up the cast this season with huge stars like Josh Hartnett, Aaron Paul, Annie Murphy and Selma Hayek. It's so disturbingly good!

Currently Reading: Someone Else's Shoes

A frustrated middle aged woman grabs the wrong bag at her gym and finds designer shoes inside it. Forced to wear them, she discovers they give her a confidence she has never known. The owner of the shoes is experiencing her own private hell and will do anything to get them back. I loved the characters in this one. 

Someone else's shoes by jojo moyes book review by womens fiction author blair bryan

Currently Writing: Lunar Flash: Midlife in Aura Cove Book 3 and This Sweet Life

I am about 75% finished with the rough draft of Lunar Flash: Midlife in Aura Cove Book 3. A once in a lifetime lunar event is going to change everything for Katie, Yuli, and Zoya. Coming End of 2023!!

I am also working on a sequel to The Sweetest Day: DeLuca Family Bakery series. Coming 2024. 

Have You Read Hawt Flash?

If you need a hilarious escape, Hawt Flash is for you! Katie and Frankie will have you rolling. Read chapter one here: 

Hawt Flash Midlife in Aura Cove by Paranormal Women's Fiction Author Blair Bryan

Join us for a week of giveaways inside my Exclusive Reader Group, The Kaleidoscope: Teal Butterfly Press' Official Author Fandom

Click here to join. It's my birthday this week and I will be giving away books inside my group all week. 

Blair Bryan Best Selling Women's Fiction Author

The Weekly Gift Card Winner is: Glenda Miller

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