The TMI January 22, 2023

50 Nudges: A Real-Life Pay it Forward  Adventure continues. It's the Last Day to Vote on Episode 3.  

The premise is simple: I carry out random acts of kindness chosen by readers. Read Episode 3 and cast your vote for the next act here:

Episode 4 drops on Tuesday! It is neck and neck between the next two recipients. Elderly in a Nursing Home vs. Bus Drivers, who will win? Help decide and cast your vote now. 

50 nudges a real life pay it forward adventure on kindle vella by Ninya

Currently Watching:

137 Shots on Netflix. I've been reading books and watching movies on race themes lately. This documentary is maddening. It's the real life tragedy of a high speed chase through Cleveland, Ohio involving sixty police cars and one hundred policemen shooting a total of 137 shots at the vehicle of an unarmed black couple. The ending is outrageous and egregious. 

Currently Reading: We Are Not Like Them

This book is co-written by a black and a white author and is one of the most authentic books I have ever read on the theme of race. Riley and Jen are life long friends who are tested when Jen's police officer husband is responsible for the shooting death of a black fourteen-year-old. The nuances of both perspectives are so beautifully written and strike such a chord when you read them. As a white woman I saw some behaviors and thinking that I need to change as a result of this book. Every person should read this book. 

(Affiliate link alert. If you buy from this link, I earn a few pennies for this recommendation and you get a great book.)

We Are Not Like Them by Christina Pride and Jo Piazza Book review by womens fiction author Blair Bryan

Currently Writing:

I'm thick in the final drafting stage of "Up in the Middle of Nowhere." Coming August 2023. It is going to resonate with all mothers who are reaching the empty nest chapter of their lives. It's really coming together beautifully. The cover is being designed next month. Sneak Peek coming soon. READ CHAPTER 1 HERE.

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