The TMI February 13, 2022

Cover Reveal! "When Wren Came Out" is a women's contemporary fiction story available July 1, 2022.

{BOOK DESCRIPTION} Life-long Catholic and traditional stay-at-home mom,Theresa, always wanted to fill her house with children, but she was only allowed one. 

Spending years shuffling their family from post to post, she was relieved when her husband, John, retired from the United States Army and moved the family to Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Finally they would be able to put down roots and see their sixteen year old daughter grow up and graduate surrounded by friends in a tight knit community. 

Unknowingly Wren is struggling with a secret, trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs and how that fits into the mold her parents created for her. An undeniable transformation is happening that Theresa and John cannot control forcing them to wrestle with their own convictions. Will love prevail? PRE-ORDER now direct and on AMAZON

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She's a beloved teacher and single mother navigating the scariest night of her life. 

Currently watching: 

As We See It. Amazon Prime. A delightful, funny, real, and poignant look into the world of living with autism. The 3 main characters are actors who are actually on the spectrum and it takes you through their lives living independently in an apartment. The cast is incredible. I binged it in a day and look forward to another season. 

Currently reading:

Dynamic Story Creation (Affiliate Link Disclosure.) In an effort to write a New York Times Best Seller, (my mom's measuring stick of a book worth reading) I am learning how to write better stories. This book is an amazing tool and is going to help me craft complex stories that resonate with readers. If you've wanted to become a writer, this is the first book you should read. 

P.S. If you order through the link, Amazon sends me a few pennies.  

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Currently Writing:

When Wren Came Out is at 33% written, and I am very happy with how the characters are developing. I am also 5% into the writing of my next travel memoir. I'm making the plans and have a killer cover idea. It's still top secret until after the trip, so I don't influence the direction it takes, but it is incredible to finally have a follow-up book to "Scotland with a Stranger." And Noah, one of readers favorite characters is making another appearance. 

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