The TMI December 19, 2021

If you haven't read Back to Before, I'd like to invite you to meet Holly Simon. A teacher, single Mother, divorcee on the worst night of her life. {EXCERPT from Back to Before} "Mothers of teenage boys never sleep well, and Holly was no different. But that night in May, she thought she had hit the single mother jackpot. The coincidence of both Chance and Dillon having sleepovers at a friend’s house on the same night had never happened before. She was giddy at the thought of having a night completely to herself.

Finally, the stars have aligned for me. It’s about time!
     The prospect of a nice warm bath and opening a fresh box of red wine without worrying about the ever-watchful eyes of her two sons, who had been deeply affected by her ex-husband’s alcoholism, seemed like a dream. She savored it, not knowing it was the last time in a long time she would feel completely peaceful and free.
Read the rest of Chapter One here.

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Tiger King, Doc Antle on Netflix. The truth is stranger than fiction. this is a short three episode series focused on Doc Antle. They call him the Harvey Weinstein of the Big Cat Community. All I can really say is at least Joe Exotic wasn't a pedophile. 

Currently reading:

Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn (Affiliate Link Disclosure.) Meg is a hand lettering expert who is tasked to make invitations for elaborate weddings. Picking up on tension between a particular couple she hides a secret warning in their wedding program. A year later the jilted groom comes to ask her questions after picking up on the hidden message, and in an effort to unblock her mind she takes him on an architecture and sign tour of New York. It's smart and a great slow burn, a little too heavy on the descriptions of letters on signs and fonts and why they work, but overall very enjoyable and worth the read. 

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Currently Writing:

Just started writing new book that I hope will become a long running series. Here's the first paragraph. It's women's fiction, with a slight paranormal element and laced with humor and revenge. 

"Katie hummed under her breath erratically as she sheared perfect squares through the unforgiving wool suit fabric. Her special fabric only scissors slashed through the stiff material like butter. Each clip making a crisp slicing sound as the blades of this meticulously maintained and regularly sharpened tool scissored together. It was the pair she hoarded and hid from her kids when they were little, the only scissors sharp enough to stand up to the task of shredding her husband’s ridiculously expensive suits. The pile of wool began to grow as a smug giddiness crept inside her, filling the crevices between her anger. Watching them transform from precious cargo sheathed in paper thin dry cleaner’s plastic into a massive pile of gray fluff and fuzz was deeply pleasurable."

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