The TMI April 2, 2023

Get Hawt Flash: Midlife in Aura Cove NOW!

It's Available Early! Right here, Right now. 

hawt flash humorous paranormals womens fiction by blair bryan

If you loved reading Harry Potter when you were a child, Katie Beaumont is right up your alley. Hawt Flash: Midlife in Aura Cove is filled with hilarious revenge and the love of family and bad-ass characters over 50.  Grab your copy here. 

Currently Writing: Final Revisions for Up in the Middle of Nowhere. 

The next seventeen days are a push to finalize Up in the Middle of Nowhere before it goes to editing. It's inspired by true events. I'm working on a video of the real life treehouse trip that inspired the book and will share it this summer. 

While You're Waiting, Check Out Chapter One Here.

Up in the Middle of Nowhere by Blair Bryan Womens Fiction Author

Currently Watching: 1923

It's the prequel to Yellowstone following early descendents of the Dutton Family. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. Need I say more? 

Currently Reading: Demon Copperhead

This is my favorite book of 2023 (so far.) The narrator is a young boy from Appalachia who has the deck stacked against him. The way the story unfolds against the backdrop of the opioid crisis. It is heartbreaking, yet funny at times. Demon Copperhead is a character that will grab you with both hands and never let you go. 

Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver Book Review by Womens Fiction Author Blair Bryan

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