The Doubts

I'm 2% funded. Thanks to my sweet 16 backers who have pledged to this project. It's an all or nothing situation. I either get enough backers and the project gets funded or I don't and the pledges expire worthless.

It was my first moon shot. I went for it with a lofty, pie in the sky goal. Will I reach it? The deck is definitely stacked against me. The self doubt demons are cueing up and singing a chorus of "You're a failure." It's pretty loud and obnoxious.

My birthday is tomorrow and as usual I look back and reflect about where I am and where I want to be. To be honest, the two are pretty far apart right now. I've struggled as a new author. I was finally seeing some success with my book sales and then the Apple privacy update for facebook came out and my sales plummeted. Momentum has been hard to come by. This is the time where it would be easy to give up. 

Not sure what the future holds for my writing career. As a backup plan, I got my substitute teaching license and will be spending time in the classroom this fall. It is part of my flexible income plan until I figure out how to build a secure and sustainable life around my books. Part of that strategy means creating more formats for my existing books. I think audio is the way. I hope Kickstarter will open that door. It still can. It will take a miracle, but I'm the kind of person who believes in miracles even when the deck is stacked against me. 

Keep the dream alive by pledging here. 

XOXO Ninya

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