Who is Maud Dixon by Alexandra Andrews

This is a twisty one. I picked this up because the cover intrigued me. It started a bit slow but when it took off, it was a wild ride. Click the cover to read a preview.

The Premise: Florence Darrow is an unlikeable but driven girl who takes a job as a personal assistant to the publishing enigma, Maud Dixon whose real identity is a secret. Sworn to protect the woman's pen name and out of options, Florence relocates to live with her new employer, Maud Dixon, the best selling author-aka Helen Wilcox. This is where it really gets interesting. Part of the book takes place in Morocco an exotic location I have always dreamed of visiting. One night after a few drinks, Florence wakes up in the hospital after a tragic accident with no memory of what happened and Helen has vanished. Florence decides to do what any opportunistic bottom feeder would do, step into the recently vacant and uber successful shoes of Maud Dixon.

The characters are richly woven and the ending is unexpected. Worth a read if you love a good page turning thriller.

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