The TMI August 20, 2023

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After discovering she has supernatural powers and has been chosen to conspire with Karma, Katie’s first mission involves a desperate pregnant woman and has her tangling with unsavory characters from her great-great grandmother's checkered past. It is a showdown between good and evil that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  

Flash Mob by Paranormal Womens Fiction Author Blair BryanPraise for Up in the Middle of Nowhere

"Loved this breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively!) story of an exhausted mother and her angsty teen daughter, escaping their realities to enjoy adventures that bring them together!

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Tessa and Nova, as their relationship morphed and grew throughout the story. Even moreso, I adored the female empowerment message and Nova ending up on top after clawing her way out of such a crap situation.

Definitely makes me want to book some breathtaking treehouse excursions in TN and make memories with my own kiddos! :)"

Up in the Middle of nowhere by best selling contemporary women's fiction author blair bryan

Currently Watching: Depp v. Heard

I didn't watch any of the craziness of the play by play of the trial and I don't spend time on TikTok. I wasn't interested by the trial, (they are both a toxic mess) but I was drawn in by the social media frenzy that occurred and the LIVE streaming of every single second. It's sick. I am in shock. "The scale of the misinformation about this trial is truly unprecedented." Just wow. 

Read First You Then Him (Free)

Finding the partner you deserve will bring you unimaginable happiness and I want more women to know the feeling! Read my bite-size lessons FREE and transform your life from the inside out. There are 7 Chapters of it available now, and a new one will be released each week.
First you then him by Ninya

Currently Writing: Flash Point: Midlife in Aura Cove Book 4

I'm 5000 words in and the story is starting to take shape. I've written an outline, but sometimes the characters decide not to follow it. The cover is being made now and I will have the first look for fans and superfans soon. 

Velvet Guild 2.0....Exclusively Available Here.

I'm thrilled to share Velvet Guild is getting a round of deep revisions and the ending it deserves. A new revamped chapter of Velvet Guild publishes every week on my new interactive platform that allows you to leave comments and emoticons on the hottest passages. YOU get to help shape the final story!
Velvet Guild By Yasnina Wild

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