The TMI August 15, 2021

Winner of a Teal Butterfly Gift Card is Timothy Simon. I will be getting back on track with weekly giveaways with the weekly TMI, so keep checking and you might be a winner!

I've been a little MIA lately during the last several weeks, because my fully vaccinated buns got COVID-19. So when you see those posts on facebook asking if anyone you personally know has gotten the virus, you can say yes! It's not a hoax, people. 

The worst part (that is still lingering) is the loss of both smell and taste. A foodie like me, who derives too much enjoyment from food is STRUGGLING! I find myself scrolling through the Food Porn tab on Pinterest with the longing of a lover whose mate was ripped away to go to war. is that dramatic! Oh cookie dough ice cream and Eatery A pizza, someday we will be reunited. Until that day,  I will forever hold you close in my heart.

I am chipping away at my new projects. Better than Before will release Jan 2022.  Imagine these two beautiful babies side by side on your shelf!

 Available NOW direct and at all major booksellers.

Coming January 1, 2022 Pre-Order Now

Better than Before

Last week I shared the cover in my secret reader group. Click here to join the Ninyons. It's where I give books away, share details of my life, and try to make coffee shoot out of your nose with my meme game. It's rated R in there, so if off color humor offends you, we are not your people. 

See ya next week. And wash your hands you filthy animals! ;) 

XOXO Ninya aka Blair Bryan

Order direct or on Amazon, BN Nook, KOBO, Apple Books, or request on Overdrive, Libby and all other booksellers. Anyway you read it, I am incredibly grateful for your support. 

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