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When Wren Came Out Audiobook

When Wren Came Out Audiobook

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Recorded in AI (Auto Narration) 

Approximately 8 1/2 hours in length. When you buy direct, you have the option to stream on any device using the cloud player or listen using the Bookfunnel App. This title is NOT available on Audible and all other Audiobook sellers.

How do you accept your child's authentic identity when it goes against everything you’ve always believed in?

Traditional Army wife, Theresa Churchill, spent years shuffling her family from post to post. She was relieved when her husband retired and they finally put down roots in a picket-fence and apple pie Minnesota town.

Theresa is thrilled to see her daughter, Wren, settling in and making friends, but, gradually, she begins to worry that Wren’s feelings for her classmate go beyond friendship. An undeniable transformation is taking place that Theresa cannot ignore, forcing her to grapple with her own convictions and demanding that she navigate the widening divide between her conservative husband and queer child, threatening to tear her family apart piece by piece.

Theresa must embark on a journey from fear and confusion to unconditional love acceptance, to find the courage she needs to give her child the freedom to love everyone needs and deserves.

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Customer Reviews

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Literally the perfect book I needed

The way the author wrote this book makes it so relatable and able to feel the experiences and emotions of BOTH the teenager AND the parents. So its the perfect book I needed to give my mom to help her understand. This is a powerful book. Spread awareness about this book- its going to change lives.

  • DAMN, WHAT A RIDE! A 5-star book for sure!

    Blair Bryan's cleverly written plot is at one moment euphoric, the next poignant, as Freddie's life becomes a roller coaster ride of catchy one-liners, spontaneous philanthropy, take-your-breath excitement, and psychotic depression. You're on that ride with Freddie, and thanks to the author's brilliant writing, you will want to stay buckled up until the very end.

  • Be prepared to feel the character's feelings and get pulled into the story.

    The characters in this story were so well written, I could picture them in my mind. See their expressions, feel their pain, and hope for positive outcomes for them all. The author really brings you into the highs and lows of the situations of the characters. Makes you feel it all.

  • Should be in the circle of Anne Lamott and Elizabeth Gilbert

    Scotland With A Stranger was so honest and brave, it made me both laugh and cry, and was comparable to Anne Lamott.
    This is a wonderful book with laughs & insights around every corner!