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Velvet Guild Collection 3: Episodes 9 10 11 12

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Stay Vanilla

Desperate times…call for sexy solutions.

Aimee is panicking, just a single parent trying to survive.
Could she introduce affluent couples to the BDSM lifestyle through a house party format? Instead of game night, it could be blindfolds and bite marks.
Sex sells and they have the money to pay.

246 pages of sexy! Exploring the dynamic of power control.
This collection Includes Episode 9, 10, 11, 12 in paperback.


Meet Aimee: A single mom barely scraping by, raising a teenager alone. To make ends meet she decides to teach willing couples the darker arts in the bedroom using a house party demonstration format. A submissive in the bedroom, but a fearless entrepreneur outside it, she is driven to create success for herself and a better life for her daughter Raven.

Jagger: Aimee's current Dom and best friend, a retired special ops military dog handler, and unlikely BDSM 101 instructor.

Asher: An erotic art dealer desperate to break into the closed doors of wealth and power. A bi-sexual chameleon, who identifies as a switch.

Zaya: A bi-racial dominatrix who is willing to push her subs' boundaries for the right reasons.

Trixie: The 67 year old owner of Underground Bound, providing pleasure in all forms for herself and her clients. Knowing this lifestyle is a lifetime desire, you can never stop craving.

James: A gray hat hacker, who has history with Aimee, but is consumed by his need for revenge against the wealthy. He takes his angst out on fresh willing partners that he finds online.

Series Description

Desperate times……call for sexy solutions.
Aimee is panicking, feeling like a middle-aged failure, barely scraping by, raising a teenager alone. She is also a submissive who yearns to be dominated in the bedroom.

As she scans the help wanted ads, she overhears a table of sexually frustrated housewives complaining about their perfect lives.Could she introduce these women to the BDSM lifestyle through a house party format? Instead of game night, it could be blindfolds and bite marks.

After all, sex sells, and they have the money to pay. Velvet Guild is perfect for erotic romance readers who are BDSM curious, with just the right amount of bondage, and domination but none of the humiliation.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars  Fantastic Fantasy! 

    Wow! This is what the world needs right now! Excellent storytelling, racy subject matter, fantasy and fun! I could not stop reading. Give me more!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars I can’t put this book down!   

    Love, love, love the fast paced writing, it keeps you engaged and wanting more. The characters are developed slowly and methodically, in a strategic timeline to give you just enough information and also keep you wanting to learn more about them. Each episode gives bursts of eye opening, jaw dropping steaminess, but then brings you right back into the everyday lives of these characters and their relationships. This series is so good I never want it to end!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars Thoughtful character development 

    Thoughtful character development that is usually lacking in this type of romance novel. Also keeps a breakneck pace that has the reader on the edge of her seat the whole time. Even people with little patience for reading will be enthralled. Ninya takes you into a new world where the woman is finally empowered to be the leader in a BDSM relationship, instead of a weak, innocent, doe-eyed dolt.