Unlock the secrets of self-healing and empowerment in this outrageous journey taken by two strangers through the Scottish highlands.

This is no ordinary travel memoir.

Along the way, Ninya is paired up with her polar opposite, a steamrolling and abrasive woman with unconventional healing methods.

Through hilarious and sometimes harrowing experiences, Ninya is forced to confront her deepest fears and take back control of her life.

From the winding one-lane roads to the breathtaking mountains and glens, this memoir takes you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and healing in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  • Read it in one sitting!

    I loved this book and couldn't put it down! It's not a travel book, but instead, as is in the title, a memoir...one woman's journey to find center. I will be happily recommending it to others.

  • A Fun Read of Self-Exploration

    The author’s quirky story telling drew me in. Broken by life, she embarks on a trip to Scotland for 2 weeks with her polar opposite. During this crazy adventure she finds her own voice. Compelling and funny story.

  • Powerful, Intimate Life Journey

    This is a terrific travel book. I call it "Eat. Pray. Hike". Ninya shares candid details of her life as she accepts an offer to hike Scotland with a woman she's never met. Along the way she learns more about herself and her relationships, and there are many hilariously funny moments as well. Beautifully written, a fascinating read!

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