Luxury Travel Channel Virtual Interview Scotland with a Stranger.

This week I was interviewed by a travel channel about my memoir Scotland with a Stranger. It's been almost a year since I released it and what a crazy year it's been. So grateful for the chance to get more eyes on my work. Still waiting for that big break, but meanwhile, I continue to write under my Blair Bryan pen name and plan another travel adventure for a future memoir. There is so much of this incredible world that I long to see. Check out the interview below.

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Life Lessons Learned this Week

  • Tequila shots after a couple strong margaritas are always a terrible idea.
  • Waterproof mascara when you have allergies is essential. (See video above to watch me deteriorate into Tammy Faye Bakker as the interview goes on. Super classy over here.)
  • Don't throw 40 years of friendship away without a fight. 


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