Commitment to charity and raising awareness

Tshirt Rant was started after a discussion about a news story about micro plastics being pumped into our worlds oceans but that is a story for another post.
This post will focus on our commitment to charity and what that means.

We hear so often about how donations are used improperly lining the pockets of the charity administrators or managed terribly resulting in a minuscule portion of the donation going to the actual cause.  We aren't about pointing fingers because that accomplishes nothing and it may result in people having second thoughts about making a donation or following through with a purchase on our website.

In an effort to ensure the donations we provide are properly utilized, we plan to source websites like and  We established our store to make a difference in the world by not only raising awareness for any cause our customers are committed to but also to provide financial support to those organizations we deem worthy of receiving our gift.  

Raising awareness is our main goal and how we arrived at the name of our business.  We want people to "rant" about what is important to them and we hope they do so with a t-shirt.  After the product purchase, we hope our customers will inform us the cause they want to support by making the hashtag #tshirtrant on whatever social media platform you prefer (twitter, instagram, facebook, etc).

The more exposure #tshirtrant and your choice of charity gets, the more awareness the charity will receive.   Why shouldn't there be a charity at the top of the charts of trending hashtags every week instead of a celebrity or a politician?  Please help us make it happen.  

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